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    On your tea drinking journey you’ll often come across terms like 'Pre-Rain' and 'First-Flush' while exploring different varieties of tea. These terms refer to the harvest time of the tea leaves, which greatly influences the tea's flavour and character. This article explains what these terms mean.
    In the world of food and beverages, flavourings often find themselves at the centre of controversy. Many tea drinkers are sceptical about their use, associating flavourings with artificiality and substandard tea. In this blog post, we intend to dispel these misconceptions and highlight the true nature of the flavourings that go into your favourite cup of flavoured tea.
    Who doesn’t love a good cuppa with their favourite snack, or a tea to ease down a large meal? In this post we’ll help you find tea pairings for your Christmas food and snacks.
    Know someone who likes tea but not sure what exactly they’s want? Read on for gift recommendations for for the tea people in your life. We have something for everyone, from someone just getting into tea to tea connoisseurs. In the first part we suggest some different teas, and in the second part we have tea ware recommendations based on your budget.
    Happy Saint Andrew's Day! In the spirit of celebrating everything Scottish, we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to our Scottish-themed teas: handmade fudge tea, whisky teas, and the epic Kinnettles Gold, grown right here on Scottish soil.
    Philosophy and tea have an intimate connection in China and Japan, where tea is not just a drink but a practice. In recognition of World Philosophy Day, we will delve into the connections between philosophy and tea in Japan. We'll see how tea has been shaped by wabi-sabi aesthetic philosophy and the idea of self-cultivation.
    This week, we are celebrating Japanese tea culture. When one thinks of Japan, the image of the tea ceremony often comes to mind. Tea has been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries, with a rich history dating back to ancient times. This blog will take you on a journey through Japanese tea, from its fascinating history to more detailed explorations of teas like Sencha, Gyokuro, and Matcha.
    When you think of Autumn, what's the first thing you think about? For me, it's leaves. I spend a lot of my time thinking about tea leaves, so there's no surprise that I reach for tea when the Autumn rolls around. There is a natural affinity between Autumn and a hot, comforting cup of tea. In this post, we will guide you through a delightful journey of teas that are perfect for drinking in the Autumn.
    Are you craving a bit more sunshine before autumn sets in? Imagine a sip that transports you to a lush, tropical paradise. Picture the flavours of ripe mangoes, zesty lemongrass, and the earthiness of raspberry leaf. We're thrilled to introduce you to our latest creation, Blend No.3.
    Does Tea Expire? You may wonder whether your tea can expire. The answer is no. Tea rarely expires, but it can lose its aroma and become stale. Read on to see how to tell if your tea is fresh and how to correctly store it.
    There is a tonne of incorrect information regarding the differing amounts of caffeine found in various types of tea and purported calculations of how much caffeine is in a cup. The number of variables makes it impossible to determine with certainty how much caffeine is in a cup of tea or which teas have more caffeine than others without access to a laboratory. There are, however, some general, fascinating facts about tea and caffeine.
    Imagine creating your very own tea blend that brings together your favourite flavours. If you're up to the challenge, submit your dream blend ideas to our blending competition.