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    Happy St. Andrew's Day!

    Happy St. Andrew's Day!

    A photograph of a box of PekoeTea Scottish Fudge tea on a tableHappy Saint Andrew's Day! In the spirit of celebrating everything Scottish, we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to our Scottish-themed teas: handmade fudge tea, whisky teas, and the epic Kinnettles Gold, grown right here on Scottish soil.

    Our Scottish Fudge tea blends a base of Assam black tea with luxurious pieces of handmade fudge from The Fudge House Edinburgh that melt into your tea. Fudge House has been making fudge in the heart of Scotland's capital since 1949. Blending their fudge with malty Assam makes a decadent and satisfying blend perfect for a crisp and cool St. Andrew's day.

    If there's one way to capture the wilderness and people of Scotland in a glass, it's with whisky. If whisky sums up Scotland in a glass, how do you capture Scotland in a mug? With whisky tea! Whisky has many flavours, from sweet dried fruits to floral bouquets to medicinal smoke. Tea also ranges from delicate fruity aromas to deep malty sweetness. We married these two together to create five whisky teas representing Scotland's five whisky regions so you can explore Scotland through tea.

    Finally, and most remarkable of all, is Kinnettles Gold. This gorgeous black tea is lovingly grown by Susie Walker-Munro on the Kinnettles estate in Angus. With a truly pretty golden colour and elegant sweet apple and cinnamon notes, this tea is a fantastic representation of what happens when Scotland's exceptional terroir is married with the dedication and expertise of its craftspeople. The perfect celebration of Scotland on St. Andrew's day.