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    Rustling Leaves, Steaming Teas: A Taste of Autumn

    Rustling Leaves, Steaming Teas: A Taste of Autumn

    When you think of Autumn, what's the first thing you think about? For me, it's leaves—beautiful shades of red, brown, and gold. I spend a lot of my time thinking about tea leaves, so there's no surprise that I reach for tea when the Autumn rolls around. There is a natural affinity between Autumn and a hot, comforting cup of tea. In this post, we will guide you through a delightful journey of teas that are perfect for drinking in the Autumn.

    a photograph of a man observing the colour of tea in a glass carafeAutumn is synonymous with a medley of fruits and spices. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and apples all take centre stage during this time of year. I also start to crave comforting sweet treats when the weather gets cooler. Tea is a fantastic way to bring these elements together.

    Our first recommendation is a good black tea. Rich and robust, black tea is a classic choice. Its bold flavours complement the season perfectly, whether you enjoy it plain or with a dash of milk and honey. My favourite is Assam Mokalbari. It's strong and bracing but is balanced with a beautiful malty sweetness. The buds in the loose-leaf tea even look a little like fallen Autumn leaves.

    If you want to satisfy your autumn sweet tooth, our Scottish Fudge tea is exactly what you're looking for. It blends a base of Assam black tea with luxurious pieces of handmade fudge from The Fudge House Edinburgh that melt into your tea. It's decadent and satisfying. It's the perfect thing for sipping on a rainy autumn day.

    If you want to reach for those warming spices, then we suggest Chai Black. Robust Indian Black tea is brought alive by ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and star anise, with pink peppercorns to add a pop of colour. Beautifully aromatic and warming, it's guaranteed to level up your cosy hoodie days. Add milk and honey.

    Apple and cinnamon blends comforting spices with apple pieces for the perfect caffeine-free autumn drink in the evening. Think spiced apple pie in a mug.

    For me, the ultimate expression of Autumn is pu-erh. Pu-erh is a Chinese tea that is fermented. Traditionally, pu-erh is picked, pressed into blocks or disks, then left to age and slowly ferment for ten to fifteen years. This is known as raw pu-erh. There is a modern process of keeping the tea in a warm, moist environment and introducing a bacterial culture to speed up the fermentation process to a matter of months rather than years. This is known as "cooked" or "ripened" pu-erh. Ripened pu-erh has a rich, earthy taste, and the aroma of the dried leaves is reminiscent of wet fallen autumn leaves. For me, it is the very essence of Autumn. Purchase our special-grade cooked pu-erh here.

    As Autumn unfolds its splendour, take a moment to savour the season's essence with a steaming cup of your favourite autumn tea. Whether you choose classic black tea or venture into chai and herbal infusions, there's a tea to suit every fall mood. So, wrap yourself in a cosy blanket, find a comfy chair, and let the flavours of Autumn infuse your soul, one sip at a time. Shop our autumn tea reccomendations here