We offer an extensive range of the highest quality premium teas, both single estates sourced from tea growing regions around the world and exquisite flavoured blends made by hand in our factory in Edinburgh. 

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    Teaware We Love


    Teaware is an incredibly important part of the enjoyment of tea; as the way something feels in our hands plays a huge role in our experience of the object and event itself. If you were to drink a beautiful tea in a cup which you didn't enjoy, your perception of the event would be negatively affected; even though the taste didn't change. With this same logic, we believe beautiful and functional teaware can shape and heighten our enjoyment through touch and sensory pleasure, bringing comfort, joy and a greater appreciation for the things we are experiencing.


    A chunky 'Leaves to Tea' teapot in stainless steel black.


    "Encouraging warmth, balance, and connection, KINTO creates thoughtful objects that bring comfort and inspiration to the everyday life."

    We treasure our products from KINTO, as their philosophy is very similar to ours. They have various 'essences' that weave into every creation: balance, detail, comfort, and expression. These elements, when paired with our tea, we feel makes for a perfect match.

    A spotlight product from Kinto would be our lovely, sturdy Kinto Leaves to Tea Teapot in Black. This line of Leaves to Tea products invite you to explore tea with a fresh and open mind: designed with usability to bring out the character of teas, and easy to integrate into the modern lifestyle. The items are produced in Hasami village in Nagasaki prefecture, where tradition of ceramic and porcelain production dates back over 400 years. Each spout is also touched up by hand to prevent drips. You can read more on our website.




    Zero Japan

    A Zero Japan teapot, looking very cute and dumpy with beautiful crackle white glaze.


    Zero Japan is another beloved producer whose ideology we love. They say their products all must exist within three concepts: good looking, good to touch, and very useful.

    “These three simple concepts make our products so special.”

    And Zero Japan’s products certainly are incredibly special, our most loved teapot being the Zero Japan BBN-02 – a dumpy, colourful little character. These teapots come in various colours and glazes, and this mirrors our love of providing all kinds of teas for everyone to love. Cherry Sencha in a Sakura Pink BBN-02 teapot? Perfection! You can shop the collection here.






    These two teapots showcased here are very different from each other, and this diversity is to be celebrated. We want everyone to be welcome and to have the choice to pick something that speaks to you - something that will help to make your everyday life and rituals that bit more enjoyable.

    But it doesn't stop here, we have many other brands of teaware that we'd love for you to get to know, and you can do just that here.

    Happy sipping!