We offer an extensive range of the highest quality premium teas, both single estates sourced from tea growing regions around the world and exquisite flavoured blends made by hand in our factory in Edinburgh. 

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    Winter Warmer Teas


    When the weather is especially cold, you've got a case of the winter blues, or you just need a new christmas favourite - we have created the ultimate Christmas Tea Guide for you.


    Orange Blossom Oolong: Our Orange Blossom Oolong is a rich dark oolong perfect for warming up in cold weather. The aroma will leave others wondering what's in your cup with its delicate orange and caramel flavours. It goes well with morning toast and marmalade.


    Chai Black Tea: Inspired by our travels to India sourcing teas, Chai Black Tea brings premium Indian black teas together with a carefully balanced range of traditional chai spices. Experience Indian Chai at it's best with its warming and intense yet smooth flavour. Try with plant milk to balance the spiciness and add agave/date syrup to taste.


    Apple and Cinnamon: Sweet & spicy, this is a great tea to warm you through the winter. Hand-blended at our Edinburgh factory using 100% natural ingredients, Apple & Cinnamon combines natural sweetness from the apple pieces and stevia so there's no need to add sugar. This blend is easy drinking at any time of the day.


    Whisky Tea Highland Blend: A collection of teas blended with real single malt whisky from each of Scotland's unique whisky regions. Inspired by the different flavour profiles from across Scotland, these teas have been carefully hand-crafted to reflect the typical single malt whisky flavours from each region. The Highlands are the largest and most diverse whisky region. This blend is sweet with hints of fruit and spice.


    Chai Rooibos: Spicy and sweet, our Chai Rooibos balances rooibos with premium spices to make a delicious brew. We hand-craft this tea in our factory in Edinburgh. Chai Rooibos can make a delicious caffeine free Chai Latte or can be brewed as a normal tea with a splash of plant milk. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free so you can enjoy this infusion at any time of the day. 


    Peppermint: Peppermint tea is a naturally caffeine free infusion made from the leaves of the peppermint plant (Mentha piperata). Our peppermint is cut leaf and makes a very refreshing brew.


    Russian Caravan: Russian Caravan gets its name from the camel caravans that transported teas from origin to Russia and Europe. Traditionally, Russian Caravan has a slightly smokey aroma, said to be from the fires lit next to the tea transports to keep warm at night. Our Russian Caravan is hand-blended in Edinburgh using the finest Lapsang Souchong, Assam and China Black Teas balancing a slight smokiness, sweet and malty flavours.


    Jon Cooper

    Jon Cooper

    Founder & co-owner PekoeTea Edinburgh