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    Money saving tips for tea ethusiasts

    Whilst we are all being bombarded with all the bad news regarding product and service prices going up, I thought it would be nice to create some refreshingly positive content. I came up a list of tips that allow tea enthusiasts to save money while not compromising on the quality of the tea you drink.

    1. PekoeTea Pouches

    As soon as you realise that one of the teas you drink is becoming your everyday tea, immediately switch to pouches. Here are some examples that illustrate the difference in price:

    Our best seller - Breakfast Blend

    75g box - £6.00
    250g - £13.55
    1kg - £41.40

    If you were to buy enough boxes to get 1kg of tea, you'd need to get over 13 of them and pay £80. Buying 1kg pouch costs £41.40.  Yes, it is a lot of tea, but our customers absolutely love our Breakfast Blend and go through 1kg pouches surprisingly fast; plus they're resealable so you don't have to worry about your tea going stale before you finish the pouch!

    Another of our customers' favourite is Blue Lady

    50g box - £7.00
    250g pouch - £14.45

    You pay just over twice the price for five times more tea. I would definitely call it a great deal!

    2. Loose leaf vs. teabags

    Our tea bags are great – they are plastic free, biodegradable and inside you'll find exactly the same product as you'd get when buying a box of loose leaf. Using tea bags is very convenient, but if we want to save money then buying loose leaf will always work out cheaper. If you drink a lot of tea, you use tea bags but you'd like to spend less without compromising on quality, we'd recommend trying Kinto Unimugs or Viva Scandinavia The Infusion Floating Tea Strainer. Making loose leaf tea can be hassle free and will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you still want to use tea bags, see point 1 and switch to 50 tea bag pouches. Our Breakfast Blend pyramid teabag box containing 15 teabags costs £6.00  and you'll only pay £15.45 for 50 tea bags.

    The price of supermarket tea bags allows you to pay only under 2 pence per tea bag, however it takes a huge amount of effort to grow tea and if the final product costs under 2p per tea bag which includes the cost of shipping, packaging, marketing etc., we simply don't believe that the plantation workers earn what they should.

    3. Bring your own container

    If you like your loose leaf tea but you don't want to commit to 250g pouches, please visit our Tea Studio with your own container (or we can give you a paper bag) for a different amount (minimum 50g). The list of package-free teas that we have in stock usually includes: Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey, Decaff Breakfast Blend, Lapsand Souchong, Kenilworth, Mokalbari Assam, Blue Lady, Scottish Summer Fruit, Rooibos, Peach Sencha and more!

    4. Best before

    Please don't worry about the 'best before' dates on the packaging. It is a legal requirement to have these dates, but if you store your tea correctly, it will remain fresh and great for years. Heat, air, light and moisture will ruin your tea so please make it happy and store it in an air-tight container placed in a dark and dry place.
    5. Sale

    Whenever we announce a sale, make sure you have a look at our website because we don't disapoint – sale at PekoeTea means great discounts (up to 60% off). The best thing to do is to join our newsletter and we'll let you know about all of our promotions.

    6. Brewing instructions

    Please remember that loose leaf tea will unfurl and open up. There is no need to put a lot of loose leaf into your teapots and strainers. The leaves need space and a small amount will still give you lots and lots of flavour. Follow the instructions on the packaging and then adjust the amount to your needs, but always start with just a little bit.

    7. Infusion number two, infusion number three...

    Some teas love to be infused more than once. If you treat yourself to a sit-in tea at our studio and go for one of our Zhou Family teas, we will serve it Gong Fu style and you'll be surprised to see how the flavours develop and change between the infusions. Some teas can be infused up to 10 times so don't let them end up in a bin when they're still full of goodness.

    8. Tea Studio Membership – No joining fee!

    Become our Tea Studio Member for a range of great discounts including 15% off on your first purchase, 20% off on all sit-in teas and 10% off on tasting experiences. With our point-based system you will be able to turn your balance into rewards.

    Click here to join!

    Please let us know if you have any other tips for our fellow tea aficionados who want to make sure they're getting a great product but at the same time they want to watch their spendings.
    Ewa Przemyska

    Ewa Przemyska