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    Circular Economy at PekoeTea

    Scotland's recent announcement of a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles, giving 20p back to customers for every bottle returned, is very welcome news here at PekoeTea – especially given that we're just about to launch a similar scheme for our aluminium caddies. 

    Money back for caddies

    We're looking for more ways to minimise waste as part of an ongoing move to be more involved in circular economies. With this in mind we'll be offering £3 store credit when you bring 6 PekoeTea aluminium caddies back to the shop for recycling.



    A £3 gift-card 

    You can redeem your £3 on the spot: perhaps putting it towards a new caddy, or relaxing with a freshly-made pot, maybe you'd like to take a few pounds off some tea-ware? Alternatively you can take the £3 away as a store gift-card and spend it when you feel ready.

     In store only

    Right now we can only offer this to customers who bring their caddies into our store on Leven Street, but we'd like to make our customers further afield aware that the caddies are widely recyclable. We'd encourage you to do so in any way you can.


    Recycle and save on a PekoeTea + Shipei Wang limited edition caddy


    Eco-friendly packaging + PekoeTea's future

    We've been mulling this over for a while, not wanting to make knee-jerk reactions but more considered, long-term approaches to the eco-aspects of PekoeTea. We're aware of the fact that not all of our packaging lives up to the same recyclable standard as or caddies, but by 2020 we're aiming to have environmentally friendly packaging across the board. There is a trade-off that needs to be taken into account when packaging teas: finding ways to retain their flavour and quality without using plastic. We're currently looking for options that will provide a longer-term barrier, whilst being recyclable or biodegradable.

    There is always more to be done, but PekoeTea are committed to moving in the right direction in meaningful ways without pulling the wool over our customer's eyes.

    Head over to instagram @pekoetea, or pop in to our store – we're always happy to talk.

    PekoeTea Staff

    PekoeTea Staff