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    How To Create the Perfect Tea Gift Hamper

    If, like us, you have a lot of food and drink lovers in your circle of friends, you might be considering putting together a hamper of goodies for them. Hampers are a great way to introduce friends and family to products you love, new flavours or special treats that they might not splurge on themselves.

    If you have a tea lover in your circle and feel they might like to explore some lesser known teas or upgrade their teaware game, we've got some tips for you on how to build a fantastic tea gift hamper, whether you are going for a big showcase box or just want to gift a small treat.

    We have three basic tips for creating a great hamper:

    - Mix it Up

    - Create a theme

    - Include a surprise

    What do we mean by all the above?

    Mix it Up

    A fun hamper offers the recipient variety. This can mean three kinds of tea (for example: a fruity tea, a classic tea and a spicy tea), three items that can all work together (a tea caddy of their favourite blend, a tea potand a handmade cupor beautiful travel mug), or three non-tea products themed around tea, see how creative you can get! How about tea-infused chocolate, a bottle of whiskyto match a whisky tea, a beautiful handmade tea towel or a tea cosy? Perhaps a candle with scents that match the tea you've chosen! 

    Create a theme

    Having a link between all the items in your hamper tells a great story. Maybe your theme is spices - so you could include a Chai Black Teapacked with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and ginger, a Christmas blend tea with orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, you could even add a cook book by an author celebrating the favourite cuisine of your recipient, and a selection of loose packed spices as well!

    Alternatively you could theme your gift around a tea-producing country such as Japan, with a matcha whisk, matcha tea, Japanese tea pot and cup. We group our teas by region and theme on our website to make it easy to build up a selection.

    Include a surprise

    The best gifts are ones you know will please, so if you know your friend loves Earl Grey or fruity teas, you'll want to include lots of those. But an added "surprise" gift to introduce them to something new makes a great addition. 

    You could pack a trio of classic teas, such as our Breakfast Blend, our Blue Lady (a bestseller!) and a Green Tea, then add a small pouch of something they don't know that might be more adventurous for them, such as our Pu-Erh teas  or a Chinese White Tea


    Once you've picked your items, you can easily make a hamper look beautiful with some coloured tissue paper, eco-friendly stuffing like wood-wool filling or water-dissolving loose fill to rest your items on and a hand written card on thick craft or handmade paper and ribbon. Do pop into the shop for any hamper-building advice or suggestions!

    Then all that's left is the giving...

    Jon and Esther.

    Jon Cooper

    Jon Cooper

    Founder & co-owner PekoeTea Edinburgh