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    Ceremonial Matcha - How-to Guide

    Due to its health benefits, matcha has seen a surge in popularity over the last years outside of its native home in Japan. We can now consume matcha in as many forms as we can think of: bagels, lattes, muffins and even pancakes! However, here at Pekoetea, we think the best and most beneficial way to take your matcha is to drink it in the traditional tea ceremony style; the way it's made in Japan.



    Preparing Matcha Tea

    To get started you'll need your ceremonial grade matcha, stay tuned into Matcha Month for more information about the different 'grades' of matcha, a matcha bowl, spoon, whisk, sieve and a kettle. (We recommend using tools that are made specially for matcha-making, especially the chasen, or matcha whisk, as this helps create the green foam that is so closely associated with the idea of matcha.)


    The Method

    A pair of hands holding a matcha bowl

    Firstly, heat up your matcha bowl with hot water and swirl it around, holding it firmly at the sides. This will also help to heat up your hands, preparing them for the task of whisking. Next, dry your bowl with a clean cloth. Sieve in two scoops (about 1.7g) of matcha, using the scoop to gently persuade it through the holes.  Now combine around 70-80 ml of hot water at 80 degrees* with your matcha powder. With your non-dominant hand, hold the bowl firmly, and with your other, hold the whisk handle with your index, middle and thumb. Start whisking slowly, and then increase speed in back-and-forth motions, it is often beneficial to try and whisk in a 'W' shape. When a fine foam has appeared, move the whisk in gentle looping movements to smooth out the surface of the matcha and get rid of any larger bubbles. 

    A bowl of foamy matcha and a spiky, funky green plant on a countertop, behind which is a large wall of tea

    Now you can enjoy the intense flavours, gentle energy boost and health benefits of this wonderful tea!


    *Using lower temperatures can bring out the amino acids in a tea, which prevents the tea from tasting too astringent or bitter.