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    World Book Day at PekoeTea



    Tea goes well with cakes, crafts, films, tartan blankets and catch ups. But the best pairing you can have is when you combine a cup of your favourite tea with a great book.

    On the first Thursday of March we will be celebrating World Book Day and we would like to use this opportunity to turn our Tea Studio into a mini library. We will have a varied selection of books ready to go and find their new homes. Don't be shy and feel free to pop in and pick a book or two, or drop a couple off to find a new home.

    Here at PekoeTea we all love books (and tea!) and we would like to share our most recent book&tea revelations with you.

    Jon: I recently finished reading Joseph Knight by James Robertson. A book about Scottish Jamaican slave and him becoming a free man in Scotland. When I haven't been drinking copious amounts of our breakfast tea, I've been anjoying roasted oolongs like Ya Shi Xiang and Da Hong Pao.

    Sam: I was lured in by the recent sensation of the new Dune movie and, as an avid sci-fi reader, felt compelled to read the book. It's not a book I can easily read with much background noise going on however, as the myriad names, plot points, hidden meanings and complexities demand almost complete silence. Therefore a cozy tea-and-blanket-on-the-sofa reading session as opposed to the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop is often preferred. But of course, the dusty setting and overarching theme of the book being water, or lack thereof, is almost granted to make you thirsty! So what to pair it with? I often choose something spicy, naturally, like a deep rich Chai Black or, in the evening, an Apple and Cinnamon infusion or Chai Rooibos. These subtly spiced blends and infusions go a long way in helping to immerse myself in the plot, but just let me read that chapter again...

    A teapot, cup and container of tea leaves on a table, beside which is a chair with Frank Herbert's Dune sitting on it.


    Victoria: I've been reading From home - a book written by a friend from my uni class (Julie Cumming). She's written and shared stories of life in Atholl. A fascnating look into those who call Athol home. It's a great book filled with Julie's gorgeous photographs. When it comes to tea paring, I've been particularly wnjoying  Wild Lapsang and Speyside. I love floral and stone fruit notes. I'm yeying up the Mi Lan Xiang too.

    Ewa: I don't like winter. Its late dawns, bare trees, cold and grey make me feel deflated. I find comfort in books and tea. Not 'any' books. I need adventure, I need excitement, I want monsters, fight and magic. I usually start with The Hobbit which is just a delight and then I move onto The Witcher which became world phenomenon thanks to RPG and Netflix TV series and not everybody knows it started as books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is great to be able to read it in its original language with untranslatable humour (and swearing!). I pair my 'winter books' woth Campbeltown whisky tea, Lapsang Souchong or Mokalbari Assam because big adventures need bold flavours.


    Ewa Przemyska

    Ewa Przemyska