Ti Kuan Yin - Iron Goddess Oolong Tea


  • Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea is from Anxi, China, a town in the southern part of the Fujian Province, famous for producing top quality Ti Kuan Yin. It is classed as a "China Famous Tea" by the the Chinese Government. It is sometimes referred to as green tea in China but as it is approximately 30% fermented it is in fact an oolong.


    Guanyin is the Mandarin name for the Goddess of Mercy. She is a bodhisattva, who is someone who is qualified to enter Nirvana, but Guanyin decided to stay on Earth to bring all to enlightenment. The legend goes that a statue of Guanyin stood in a decrepit temple in Fujian. A local tea grower passed it daily and when financially unable to repair it, he decided to clean it twice a month and burn incense in it. One night Guanyin appeared to him and told him to look in a cave behind the temple where he would find treasure. He was to keep it for himself and share it with others. The treasure was a single tea shoot which he planted and cultivated into a thriving tea bush. He gave cuttings to his neighbours and they started selling the tea under the Guanyin name. The tea growers prospered and soon the temple was repaired.

  • Where is it from?:

    Fujian Province, China

    Fujian Province China

  • Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
    2-3g (1-2 tsp)


    300ml 3 mins

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