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    Handmade Chaozhou Teapots

    These hand-crafted teapots are from Chaozhou, in China's Guangdong Province. Chaozhou is famous as one of China's great centres of fine ceramic crafts. The local red clays, particularly those from Fenghuang Mountain, are ideal for teaware thanks to their porous nature and their mineral content.

    These teapots are ideal for the gongfu tea ceremony, where traditionally each teapot would be reserved for use only with one particular type of tea. The porous clay takes on some of the flavour of the teas infused in the teapot and develops a unique character as it is used. While it isn't necessary to restrict yourself to only one type of tea per teapot, it is best to avoid using any flavoured teas in these pots and to clean the pot by simply rinsing rather than using a detergent.

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