Da Hong Pao - Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong Tea

  • Da Hong Pao is from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province and is known as "The Emperor of Teas". It is one of the "Four Famous Bushes" of Wuyi Mountain rock tea along with Tieluohan, Bai Ji Guan, Shui Jin Gui. The leaves are hand rolled and roasted making them dark red/brown. It is one of the most expensive Chinese teas.

    Legend has it that this tea cured the mother of a Ming dynasty emperor from an illness, so he sent red robes to protect the bushes from which it originated.

  • Where is it from?:

    Wuyi Mountain Fujian Province, China

    Fujian Province China

  • Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
    5g (3 tsp) 90-100°C 200ml 2-3 mins

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