We offer an extensive range of the highest quality premium teas, both single estates sourced from tea growing regions around the world and exquisite flavoured blends made by hand in our factory in Edinburgh. 

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    Chinese Gong Fu Tea Private Tasting Experience

    Japanese Tea Private Tasting Experience

    On your tea drinking journey you’ll often come across terms like 'Pre-Rain' and 'First-Flush' while exploring different varieties of tea. These terms refer to the harvest time of the tea leaves, which greatly influences the tea's flavour and character. This article explains what these terms mean.
    In the world of food and beverages, flavourings often find themselves at the centre of controversy. Many tea drinkers are sceptical about their use, associating flavourings with artificiality and substandard tea. In this blog post, we intend to dispel these misconceptions and highlight the true nature of the flavourings that go into your favourite cup of flavoured tea.
    Who doesn’t love a good cuppa with their favourite snack, or a tea to ease down a large meal? In this post we’ll help you find tea pairings for your Christmas food and snacks.

    Tuesday 24th March 2020

    We are delighted to be hosting a Tea and Chocolate Tasting event in collaboration with Pacari Chocolate.

    At this will event you will experience the wonderful variety of naturally occurring flavours found in both single origin chocolate and single origin tea. Each Pacari Chocolate we feature has been carefully matched with a tea from the PekoeTea collection.

    Tuesday 17th March 2020

    Darjeeling Tea is known as the "Champagne of Teas". Within this one region of India there are many different estates and varieties of tea. Come along to find out more about this fantastic tea region and try some beautiful directly traded tea.

    Tuesday March 10th 2020

    Have you ever wanted to know more about white tea? Ever wondered what exactly is white tea and where does it come from?

    In this class and tea tasting we will taste a series of white teas, exploring the differences between each. We will examine the history of white tea and talk over the different processing methods.