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    Viva Scandinavia - Modern Style in Teaware

    Taking inspiration from traditional teaware forms and styles, but bringing a modern approach following the Nordic design principle of form following function, Viva Scandinavia offer a range of elegant yet functional teaware. We've sourced a range of options from the range, with a focus on cups and mugs that use glass, porcelain, double-walled construction and modular design to make it easy to enjoy a cup of freshly infused loose leaf tea anywhere and anytime.

    Minima Balance Tea Cup

    The one advantage that instant or teabag drinks used to have is convenience and speed. With a design like this, that isn't true anymore. The elegant glass cup includes an infusion basket insert lets you control the strength of your tea and remove all the leaves when it's ready to drink. The infuser is then designed to sit neatly on the lid, which gives you a place to put the infuser while it is full of tea leaves that keeps drips contained and the leaves safe. Depending on which tea you're drinking, you might want to reinfuse the leaves a second or third time before discarding them.

    We'll be expanding our range of Minima Balance cups, with different options and colours in ceramics. For now, we have them in glass only, but watch this space for future updates and new additions to the range.

    Full Circle Travel Bottle

     These stylish glass travel bottles from Full Circle sit alongside the Viva Scandinavia range well. They share a modern, elegant design and offer another great way to enjoy fine loose leaf teas. The travel bottle is obviously an ideal way to enjoy tea on the move, with the removable infusion basket meaning you take three minutes at the start of your day to make a tea you can take anywhere. It is also a great way to do cold infused tea. Simply leave it infusing overnight in the fridge, take the leaves out in the morning and have a cool, refreshing and healthy drink throughout the day.

    Infusion Tea Egg

    Sticking with ways to make loose tea easy to do and accessible when time is a factor, the Infusion tea eggs are another way to make tea for yourself without having to make an entire pot or resort to instant alternatives. This infuser combines a stainless steel base with a silicone lid and arm that lets it hang over the side of your mug.

    The design solves two problems. One, the fiddly stainless steel ball infusers that have hinges or catches or spring-loaded mechanisms to keep tea contained are made obsolete by the simple silicone lid that pops securely into place but comes off easily when squeezed. Second, the arm keeps the infuser in place and means that you won't be fishing around in a hot mug of tea trying to get it out.

    Anna and Laura

    These sleek, elegant and modern cups are perfect for coffee, tea or other drinks. They have a double-walled construction, two layers of ceramic with an air gap, which helps to keep the surface cool enough to hold. The Anna cups are small, ideal for espressos or small servings of stronger drinks. The Laura cups are larger, the right size for cappuccinos but also great for tea or hot chocolate. Either option is available in three colours and the surface is designed to allow them to be written on in chalk or marker and easily cleaned off.

    The Viva Scandinavia range available at Pekoetea will be expanding as we get closer to the festive season. Keep an eye out for other options on the Minima Balance range as well as for other new additions as they arrive.