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    Scottish Summer Fruits, Strawberry and Basil Iced Tea

    I recently discovered that June is iced tea month.  It's more of an American thing but this gave me the idea to start experimenting and creating some iced tea recipes using our PekoeTea Blends.

    One of the things I love about summer is the amazing fresh strawberries picked from the garden.  This was the inspiration behind one of PekoeTea's best selling hand blended green teas - Scottish Summer Fruits.  To create this iced tea version I added some fresh strawberries and basil and it was a great result.  It's a delicious, juicy and refreshing iced green tea that is perfect for a summer picnic or just relaxing in the garden.  I'll be working on more recipes throughout the month of June so keep checking back on our blog.

    PekoeTea Edinburgh Scottish Summer Fruits Iced Green Tea


    2 Tbsp Scottish Summer Fruits Green Tea

    100g Fresh Strawberries - cut in half, plus extra for garnish.

    5-10 Fresh Basil Leaves

    1 Litre of just boiled water



    Add the tea, strawberries and 6 basil leaves to 1 litre of freshly boiled water.

    Stir and leave to infuse for 5 minutes.

    Strain the hot tea to remove the leaves but save the strawberry halves.

    Mash the strawberries into a pulp and stir into the jug of strained tea.  It will go a bit cloudy but the extra strawberry pulp adds a lovely juiciness to the iced tea.

    Wait for the tea to cool to room temperature then put in the fridge until cooled.

    When you are ready to serve strain the tea to remove the strawberry pulp 

    Add a couple of ice cubes to a glass, pop in some slices of strawberry and a basil leaf garnish.

    Fill the glass to 2/3 full with iced tea, top up with lemonade and enjoy.

    I'd love to hear how you get on with this Scottish Summer Fruits iced tea recipe, please share and tag us on social media.


    Esther Kungu-Cooper

    Esther Kungu-Cooper

    Creative director & co-owner PekoeTea Edinburgh