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    Pai Mu Dan Production Fujian China

    Pai Mu Dan (Bai Mu Dan) white tea also known as White Peony is a famous tea from Fujian province.  The processing of this tea is minimal and consists of withering, slight oxidation(fermentation) and drying.  The tea is plucked from the same plants as Silver Needle but picking happens a few weeks after Silver Needle harvesting has finished. It consists of the leaf buds and top leaves of the plants.  Withering was traditionally carried out in the sun but in modern times is done is withering room similar to the one in the picture.  The advantages of this is that the temperature can be accurately controlled and the end product is more consistent.  Withering takes place for several hours where the tea loses some of its water content.  The tea is then dried and packed.  Our Pai Mu Dan is from Fuding in the north east of Fujian province and is made from the Fuding Dai Bai tea cultivar.

    Pai Mu Dan Withering


    Pai Mu Dan tea is stronger than Silver Needle tea and costs considerably less making it a popular drink.  The flavour is floral, malty and fresh but retaining some of the mild fruitiness found in Silver Needle tea.


    Jon Cooper

    Jon Cooper

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