We offer an extensive range of the highest quality premium teas, both single estates sourced from tea growing regions around the world and exquisite flavoured blends made by hand in our factory in Edinburgh. 

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    Mother's Day Gifts

    While we tend to get excited knowing it's our birthday coming soon, kids can't wait to see what Santa has left for them and our hearts melt when the other half remembers about our anniversary, what about mothers? They have their day, yet even then they don't expect anything. Seeing a small gift, they will most likely say 'That's so kind! You didn't have to, you should spend the money on...'.

    So what do you buy for a person who doesn't expect anything yet they mean the world to you? How to celebrate somebody's unconditional love, dedication and continuous support? Afternoon tea, vouchers, experiences, candles, calendars, jumpers, blankets, framed pictures... anything you pick will be great because it's from you and because you remembered. And because it's your mum, she will even be thrilled if you draw a wonky heart and write 'for my mummy' despite being in your late 40s.

    No matter what age, gender or occasion, the best way to show someone you care about them is by spending time together. Sharing stories, laughing, remembering things from the past, making plans for the future - no gift could possibly compete with being next to each other having great time. There's no need to spend a fortune, no need to feel guilty if you can't afford expensive presents suggested by many retailers.

    We are a tea company so we're guessing you're here because you're considering buying something for your tea-loving mum.

    If you know what she likes, then you can discreetly check whether she's running low on her favourites and treat her with another box or two. If you have a vague idea of her preferences, then maybe our short guide might be helpful:


    PekoeTea Explorer Set £18.00

    The PekoeTea Explorer set is a collection of our top 5 best selling teas.  This explorer set contains one loose leaf taster box each of:

    Breakfast Blend, Duchess Grey, Blue Lady, The Orangery and Cloud Catcher.



    Two caddy gift set - Breakfast Blend and Blue Lady £7.50


    As much as dividing tea for 'women' and 'men' is absurd, we do believe the packaging of our Great British Tea Party set might very much appeal to women. Both caddies are exclusively labelled with an original hand painted illustration by the acclaimed British artist, Sir Francis Rose, a contemporary of Cecil Beaton.

    These sets are on sale now (only £7.50 instead of £15).

    Set includes:

    1 x 75g Rosebank Design Breakfast Blend Caddy
    Best Before: 31/01/2022

    1 x 50g Rosebank Design Blue Lady Caddy
    Best Before: 14/11/2023



    Infusions from £4.00

    You can't go wrong with Chamomile and Peppermint - perfect, caffeine free hot drinks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. For something fruity - Cloud Catcher, Berry Hibiscus, Apple Cinnamon or Mango Sunrise will be great.


    Jethi Kupi

    Jon made a video about this fabulous, limited edition tea which will go down as a treat to any Darjeeling enthusiast. 


    Fudge tea 

    The Fudge House of Edinburgh have been lovingly making Fudge since 1949 from their base on Edinburgh's world famous Royal Mile. Scottish Fudge Tea is a blend the finest Assam black tea, natural vanilla and Scottish Fudge. Our Scottish Fudge Tea is rich and creamy with a comforting but not overpowering sweetness.


    Gift voucher from £10.00

    If you're stuck - no problem. We have gift vouchers that can be used 
    online and in store and we will soon be releasing details of our upcoming tastings and workshops.

    Ewa Przemyska

    Ewa Przemyska