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    Meditative Teas


    With February now upon us, it feels like the year is racing ahead already. So when I need things to slow down a little, here's my list of soothing teas to relax, unwind and take my time with.



    Chai Rooibos

    a tea set shot from above with teapot, cups, serving vessel and tea tray


    Although not a tea used in meditation traditionally, this beautifully warming tea is perfect for when you have a little time for late night contemplation. Naturally caffeine free, it mixes sweet and spicy notes together to promote a sensory focus and help you tune back into your body and what it needs and feels.




    Cherry Sencha

    a tea set shot from above with teapot, cups, serving vessel and tea tray


    I've been recently getting into Sencha in a big way. Having now finished and enjoyed a 50g bag of Peach Sencha (available for refill) it was time to try the Cherry. This tea is a delight - brewed strong it can be a powerful fruity and grassy hit, but mellowed out it can be a sweet evening drink to sip quietly whilst reflecting on the day. For anyone who doesn't like green tea, this fruity combination might be a way to give it another chance!



    Berry Hibiscus

    a teapot, mug and flower on a wooden table with a white background


    An all-time classic, this blend goes well no matter the time of day. However, as an evening or night-time tea is can be surprisingly mellowing. In winter, it's a pleasant reminder of the summer yet to come and all the warm, long days still to be enjoyed. Plus, it tastes fantastic! Try this blend if you're interested in night-time caffeine-free herbal infusions, but unsure of which to pick.



    Pai Mu Dan

    tea being made with a teapot and serving vessel sat on a tea tray, the teapot being filled from above from a goose-neck kettle


    This tea, more famously known as White Peony, is often overshadowed by other white teas and as a result is terribly underrated. White tea was the first tea that I tried and truly wanted to enjoy again, and I've had a soft spot for it ever since. Sweet and mellow whilst still containing a full and enjoyable flavour, this is a perfect blend to practice deep breathing with or finish off a yoga routine with.



    Gong Fu Cha

    a tea set with teapot, cup and serving vessel on a wooden table


    Whilst on the topic of slowing down, a wonderful technique we practice in the shop is the art of Gong Fu Cha. This Chinese tradition of tea-serving draws the focus inwards, allowing for a fuller experience of mindfulness and tea appreciation; core components we believe in very strongly here at Pekoetea. One benefit of the year racing already is that we're now starting to look forward to inviting you into the shop for tea tastings where we will demonstrate such practices as Gong Fu Cha. If you're interested feel free to drop in and ask, or send us a message on any of our social media sites. Until then however, happy sipping!


    Sam Robinson

    Sam Robinson