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    2014 Darjeeling Teas

    We are very excited to introduce to you our new 2014 Darjeeling teas which are now in stock. We have just recently received four new teas from the Rohini and Gopaldhara Estates, which we will be stocking in our Edinburgh store and also on our website. 

    Rohini is located in the Kurseong valley of Darjeeling. The estate was closed in 1962 for over 30 years and re-opened in 1994. The estate has an area of 138 hectares, which 108 hectares are classified as young tea. 

    The garden is divided into four sections by their respective elevations. The lowest section, Jaberhat, is around 24 Hectares. The two middle sections are called Kotidhara and Pailodhora. These two divisions together are around 76 Hectares and produce very high quality teas. Tukuriya is the highest division at an average elevation of 4400 FT and stretches right up to Kurseong town. 

    Rohini First Flush

    Rohini First Flush Darjeeling 2014

    This tea is a first flush Darjeeling from the Rohini Estate. It is plucked immediately after the cold winter months when the tea plants are bursting with flavour. The leaf has a green appearance and infuses to a gold liquor in the cup. This tea is produced from one of the prime sections of the garden with harvesting and processing beginning during the 1st Week of March up to 15th of April. The tea contains a fresh vegetal aroma, with a smooth and bold mouth feel and a muscatel flavour.   


    Rohini Exotic 

    Rohini Exotic is a tea produced at the Rohini Estate, Darjeeling. This is a first flush tea which has been harvested in the spring when the tea plants are full of flavour. This tea has a very fresh and vegetal aroma, tones of fresh fruit and a pleasant long lasting aftertaste.



    During the 19th century, a lease for planting tea on the north eastern slope of the Rangbang valley was granted to two Englishman known as ‘Tappu & Tare Sahib.’ In the year 1881 they began planting tea on the green paddy fields belonging to Gopal. Several natural streams were spread throughout these paddy fields. These streams in the native language are called “Dharas”. The combination of “Gopal” and “Dhara” gave the tea gardens the name Golpaldhara. Golpaldhara is located in Mirik Valley, and is one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling. Most of the new planting has taken place between 5500 and 7000 feet. The entire new plantation has been planted with mixed clonal tea to produce rare and exquisite teas. 


    Gopaldhara Red Thunder

    Gopaldhara Red Thunder tea is picked during the autumn flush from the Gopaldhara Estate. During autumn when the temperatures are beginning to fall, the tea leaves are unable to stand the cold and the leaves begin to wilt. The tea leaf cell undergoes a fermentation process at a very slow rate which produces a bold, unique flavour. Only the finest leaves can be harvested in this way and when infused Red Thunder is a beautiful dark golden colour with a deep and complex flavour.



    Gopaldhara Wonder Tea 

    Gopaldhara Wonder Tea is produced at the Gopaldhara Estate, Darjeeling. It is harvested from one of the prime gardens at an average elevation of 6500 FT. During the harvest only young single leaf and buds are plucked. The first flush wonder tea infuses into a delicate and floral cup with rich tones of fresh fruit and honey.