Cherry Sencha Green Tea


• Infusing juicy cherry with the flavour of light green tea, our Cherry Sencha makes a refreshing fruity tea that can also be made as a cold infusion.

• Made from the finest Chinese sencha green tea, rose petals and natural flavourings and hand-crafted by us in Edinburgh.

• We use premium quality tea leaves in every blend balancing aromas and flavours for your enjoyment

• Our Cherry Sencha is packed by hand in Edinburgh using infinitely recyclable aluminium caddies with a plastic free inner or resealable stand-up pouches

• When we started to blending our teas in house, we opted to use natural flavourings.  We were slightly worried that the cherry flavour we chose didn't pack the punch of the nature identical flavour used on previous blend.  We were so wrong and the resulting infusion is fresh, sweet and juicy.  Our Cherry Sencha has become a staple in our flavoured green tea range.

Brewing Instructions

Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
2g (1 tsp) 70°C 300ml 3 mins

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