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    Veganuary – What Should I Have in my Tea?

    Whether it’s for the planet, the animals, or your own health, you’re doing great. However, the right plant milk is crucial to find to continue enjoying your morning, afternoon, or evening tea. Therefore, here at Pekoe Tea we’ve been experimenting with all sorts of interesting dairy alternatives and our very own plant-based tea drinker Sam has compiled a guide for anyone struggling to find just the right match.

    Breakfast Blend

    a kettle, cup and teapot all lined up shot from above on a drainage board


    If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re looking for an alternative for this very tea. A good full-bodied soya milk does go nicely if you want the tea to be the main taste of the drink, however it’s got to be oat for me. The subtle taste of oat milk accentuates the beautiful Indian blend, reducing it in strength but adding balance and creaminess to it in taste. A good barista grade oat milk is the best choice for your first time trying this, however, a word to the wise – oat milk is very filling, so be sure not to overdo it! 






    Chai Black

    A teacup with two serving pourers on a wooden plank with a background of plants and an origami crane


    As one of my favourite teas currently, this one was crucial for me to find the right plant milk for. The beautiful chai flavours really need to be centre stage whilst enjoying this tea, therefore I recommend a mild but subtly sweet soya milk. As one of the best milks sustainability-wise, soya is a safe choice, however it is one of the hardest to adjust to. Therefore, having it in a drink as beautiful and flavourful as this wonderful chai eases the transition, and its delicate sweetness is hard to beat.






    Smokey Blends

    A green teacup getting milk poured into it from overhead


    If you’re more interested in a Lapsang Souchong or delightfully deep Russian Caravan, then I know just the choice for you. These teas are both wonderfully smoky, and I personally find that a good quality almond milk brings a nutty flavour which intertwines wonderfully to elevate and enhance these flavours. Almond milk is the most distinct in its taste and is one of the least ‘milk tasting’ plant milks out there, however this risk pays off with plentiful rewards in a new and exciting tea-tasting experience!






    Wild Cards

    Two pourers sitting either side of a green teacup


    Here at Pekoe Tea, we’re always excited to experiment and find new ways to enjoy different flavours – therefore if you’re up for a bit of excitement, why not try a blended plant milk? There are many companies that mix various varieties together to taste like milk and help people experience the same tastes with the change of lifestyle. So how about trying a chocolate flavoured soya with our peppermint tea to create a delicious mint and chocolate drink, or perhaps simply having your choice of morning black tea with a blended milk curated to taste just like the drink you’re used to!






    The Take Away

    Trying out the world of plant milk is worth the beautiful variety of flavours and the peace of mind alone. However, this bonus can also be a deterrent, as there is a lot of experimenting to get through before you find the plant milk that’s right for you. Therefore, I really hope this guide has helped anyone struggling to find their ideal vegan milk and tea combination: and if not, why not pop in and ask us in person, or write to us! We’re always happy to help answer all your tea queries.





    Sam Robinson

    Sam Robinson