Shipei Wang Limited Edition - Bi Lo Chun


• A special limited edition caddy for Bi Lo Chun designed by Edinburgh based artist Shipei Wang.  Only 20 of each design available.

• Bi Lo Chun literally means Green Snail Spring, referring to the coiled appearance of the leaves.

• It has a strong aroma and a sweet, vegetal flavour.

• This tea is hand-made by the Zhou family in the Wuyi area of Fujian Province

• The Zhou family's Bi Lo Chun is made from the Fuyun No.6 cultivar which is the same that is used to make Jin Jun Mei

Shipei Wang is an Edinburgh based artist that specialised in large acrylic paintings on silk canvas.  This series of special edition caddies has taken inspiration from traditional Chinese folklore surrounding the histories of each tea and given them a contemporary and humorous twist.  In each design, there are allusions to the Oriental occult, Buddhist cave paintings, Japanese print-making motifs, as well as elements of contemporary life.

Where is it from?:

Fujian Province, China

Fujian Province China

Brewing Instructions
Scales Thermometer Jug Timer


350ml 3 mins

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