Japanese Tea

Tokoname Kyusu Yuriko

Kyusu are traditional Japanese teapots, usually made from ceramic or porcelain and commonly found in the distinctive side handled shape that these examples show.

These are all Tokoname-ware, a distinctive form of Japanese pottery from the city of Tokoname in the Aichi Prefecture. This form is unique to the area and is well-regarded within Japan, with Tokoname being recognised as one of Japan's most noteworthy centres for the ceramic industry.

These teapots are hand-finished and made to an extremely high standard, each one being individually decorated using a range of different techniques and styles.

This example has a grey and white swirl finish with a mottled effect. It has a capacity of 350ml, with hand-etched decoration and an inbuilt metal strainer around the inner surface to catch leaves within the pot.

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