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Gopaldhara Red Thunder Gold 2017 Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea FTGFOP1


Gopaldhara Red Thunder Gold tea is picked during the autumn flush from the Gopaldhara Estate. During autumn when the temperatures are beginning to fall, the tea leaves are unable to stand the cold and the leaves begin to wilt. The tea leaf cell undergoes a fermentation process at a very slow rate which produces a bold, unique flavour. Only the finest leaves can be harvested in this way and when infused Red Thunder Gold is a premium version the famous Red Thunder and contains a high concentration of tips giving it a smoother and sweeter flavour. 

Leaf Type: Orthodox
Where is it from?:

Darjeeling, India

Brewing Instructions

Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
3-5g (2 tsp) 95°C 450ml 3-5 mins

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