Green Tea

Six Senses Midori Sencha

  • Sonogi Tea was formed by a group of six young tea farmers who have come together to promote their tea in a new way. Each farmer has selected tea cultivars based on compatibility with the local soil, aiming to extract unique flavours and aromas with each variety. Sonogi Tea has been highly praised for its quality.
  • Midori Sencha is a light sweet sencha from the Onouechaen Tea Garden in the Nagasaki region of Japan. The garden has been in operation for 70 years and is run by Kanzuhiko Onoue, a third generation tea farmer.
  • The highly steamed leaves are a deep green colour and infuse to a pale liquor. The taste is one of gentle sweetness with a hint of umami and a pleasant, soothing, creamy mouthfeel
  • Where is it from?:

    Nagasaki, Japan


  • Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
    2-3g (1-2 tsp)


    300ml 1 mins

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