Chinese Tea

Liu Bao Heicha

  • Liu Bao is one of China's famous heicha teas, a name that means black tea. It is not a black tea in the sense usually meant outside of China, but is instead a tea that is fermented after oxidation, allowing the flavour to mature and develop over a process that can last for years.

    Liu Bao is from Guangxi Province, where it is usually steamed and then piled up after oxidation to allow the aging process to happen. This imparts a rich, forest floor smell and a complex earthy flavour that varies widely between examples but is often compared to Pu-Erh, the other famous fermented tea from Yunnan Province.

    Our Liu Bao combines the characteristic forest floor aroma with a rich, leathery impression and a long lasting earthy aftertaste.

  • Where is it from?:

    Guangxi Province, China

    Fujian Province China

  • Scales Thermometer Jug Timer
    2-3g (1-2 tsp)


    150ml 1-2 mins

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