April 15, 2017


Earlier this month Jon was delighted to be asked to talk at the Edinburgh International Science Festival to a sold out audience.

Jon talked in particular about his visit to Darjeeling last year and the percieved value of tea against other products such as fine wines and whisky. He gave a brief run down of the steps of making tea from garden to cup and described how tea is extremely diverse because of variations in plant type, terroir, season and processing methods.

The Tea-Lightful event also included a tasting of Rohini and Gopaldhara Darjeeling teas; a talk and demonstration about the science of biscuit dunking by Dr Stuart Farrimon; and a very informative talk from Dr. Carrie Ruxston about the health benefits and properties of tea. 

Dr Carrie Ruxton is a member of the Tea Advisory Panel, which provides independent and objective information about the latest health benfits around tea.

Dr Stuart Farrimond is a science and medical writer, presenter and educator.  He has a particular interest in food science.

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