by Esther Kungu-Cooper July 04, 2020

With the hot weather at the end of June, I have been experimenting with iced tea.  Using our Peach Sencha, some freshly grated ginger and some cloudy lemonade I made this really refreshing drink.

It's really easy to make and a great alternative to alcoholic cocktails.



PekoeTea Edinburgh Peach and Ginger Iced Tea


2 tbs PekoeTea Peach Sencha

1.5cm piece of root ginger freshly grated

1l freshly boiled water

cloudy lemonade for mixing

2 ice cubes per glass

1 whole peach for garnish


Put the PekoeTea Peach Sencha and the freshly grated ginger into a large jug.

Pour in the boiling water and give stir

Infuse for 10 minutes

Strain into another large jug

Leave to cool to room temperature and place in the fridge for at least 1.5 hours

Meanwhile cut the peach into a long spiral strip for the garnish

Once the tea is cold, arrange the peach and some ice in a tall glass and pour over the chilled tea to 2/3 full and top with the lemonade.


Esther Kungu-Cooper
Esther Kungu-Cooper


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