We offer an extensive range of the highest quality premium teas, both single estates sourced from tea growing regions around the world and exquisite flavoured blends made by hand in our factory in Edinburgh. 

PekoeTea Edinburgh Teapot and Cup
PekoeTea Edinburgh Teapot and Cup

"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world"

~ T'ien Yiheng ~


We are now able to offer VAT inclusive shopping for our EU customers. Any orders shipped to the EU will not be subject any extra charges.

PekoeTea Edinburgh Tea Studio Marco Mix
PekoeTea Edinburgh Tea Studio Tea Bar
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It was single cask and single malt whisky from Speyside that started my love and appreciation of Scotch Whisky.  So, when we were approached by Glen Moray distillery for a potential collaboration we were really excited. In this short video, I go through everything that makes our Speyside Whisky Tea and talk about our partnership with Glen Moray Distillery.
Kinnettles Gold Scottish Grown Tea is one of Pekoetea's greatest prides - the quality, flavour and drinking experience of this tea is simply unmatched to any other tea grown in the UK. 
How is possible that matcha, which usually turns into a clump when in contact with water, suddenly dissolves beautifully when placed inside a tea bag? And how come are these tea bags more expensive than other green teas yet still way cheaper than matcha sold in pouches? Let the investigation begin.
I feel our Matcha Month at PekoeTea would simply feel incomplete if we didn't try to make Matcha Mille Crepe Cake. It turned out to be easier than I had expected it to be and even though my layers were not perfect, I am still very pleased with the result.
PekoeTea Edinburgh Jon Cooper Esther Kungu-Cooper

Who We Are

Established in 2008, PekoeTea is family owned, luxury tea business run by Jon Cooper and Esther Kungu-Cooper.

We source the finest single-estate teas and create unique hand-crafted blends at our Edinburgh tea factory in the historic port of Leith.

Our single-estate teas are traded directly where possible and we are proud of the personal relationships we have made with tea growers and producers around the world.

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