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Rohini Jethi Kupi - Darjeeling First Flush 2016

We're delighted to have in stock a very early harvested Darjeeling First Flush from Rohini estate. Jethikupi is a word from the Manipuri dialect and it means 'jasmine flower.'  In the Nepali (gorkhali) dialect the word 'jethi' means the eldest girl child while 'kupi' is a funnel or cone shape.  When used in relation to Darjeeling tea it means the earliest harvest.  Usually you would expect First Flush Darjeelings to be harvested in March right through to early April.  Rohini Estate starts harvesting their teas in February making them very early indeed.


The cultivar that is used to make Rohini Jethi Kupi is Bannockburn 157 - or B157.  It takes it's name from the garden where it originated.  In Darjeeling it is common to refer to cultivars as 'clonals' meaning that the plants are clones of the original, made by taking cuttings.  Each different cultival has slightly different properties and give different flavours.

We have managed to buy a very small amount of this tea directly from the grower Rishi Saria and this is by far the earliest First Flush we have ever stocked.


 2-3g  95°C 300ml  3-5mins

• Make sure to preheat your teapot.

• Once the tea has infused, make sure you decant the liquor completely into another vessel.

• Leave the tea to cool for a few minutes until at an easy drink temperature

• You should get rich tropical fruit flavours, a syrupy mouthfeel and a long aftertaste.